What is Network Notes?

Network Notes is a newsletter written by Darren Hemmings, MD of the leading music strategic marketing company Motive Unknown. It primarily focuses on the music industry, both the recorded side and sometimes the creation side, and often considers the intersection points of music with technology.

Network Notes is actually a continuation of Motive Unknown’s Daily Digest, which has been a regular email newsletter since 2011. It rebranded to Network Notes in 2023, coinciding with its move to the Substack platform.

Why subscribe?

We’d argue that Network Notes brings an insider’s view on the music industry. Frank opinions are the order of the day, and it isn’t afraid to speak truth to power. Equally though, on a more practical level, Network Notes summarises the key news of the day, along with links back to those articles. Ergo, it can also act as a kind of cheat’s guide to the new and notable stories within the music industry.

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A newsletter about the music industry, technology, marketing, and the intersection of all three, brought to you by the strategic marketing agency Motive Unknown.


I am the founder and MD of Motive Unknown, a strategic marketing agency based in the UK. We operate primarily in the music business, though we also work with music-related brands too.