Fun topics this week. You hit on the web 3 problem for me. Gotta be much simpler for users and able to do something that fundamentally cannot be done on web 2. Excited to see if these happen now that the hype has died

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Funny enough I've had a few follow-up emails even confirming that the walletless approach is now in operation on "web3 Bandcamp" sites like Nina. So this might warrant a follow-up post once I've spoken to all the people who got in touch after sending this article out.

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Hi. 3 (OK, 4) things:

1. I clicked your Lens link last post; it shot me to a social network site called "hey", which looked cool but I understood 0.5% about what was going on there.

Which is fine; maybe I'm not savvy enough a user for that level. But If web3 is all like that, folks like me are gonna have no way in to the whole thing, nobody wants to feel like "dumb money" for the picking over protocols only a favored few get to understand.

2. The idea that RW's songwriter has, that it's somehow "very difficult" to make organic recordings anymore, is silly. If your artist has "it", then "it" will come through as easily on a 4-track tape machine from the 1980s as it would with all the plugins a major studio's systems can exert. Some modern artists would in fact benefit from such minimal treatment.

3. Flip-flopping on TikTok might be the worst mistake the Orange Fraud has made yet. It pisses off his peevish Boomer base; and is far too bald a pander for anyone <40 years old to believe.

4. I followed MU on Instagram. Hopefully I'll learn something; I've been bumbling around on that platform for a year now. Thanks for the prompt.

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Hey Shaggy! I'll answer these in turn just to keep this reply orderly:

1) I think that's basically still the experience 99.9% of people will have in this space. As long as the whole wallet thing is there, it'll drive the average user away and in turn prevent mass adoption of any kind.

2) I agree. But I think in general Guy Chambers' points were broadly positive and not as critical as the headline attempted to suggest.

3) Again, agree.

4) TBH our Insta feed simply tells you who we're working with, so it's more of a shop window than a place to share wisdom on what we did and how etc. That being said, if you ever see things we have done (via the Insta feed) and want to know more, just drop me a DM on here and I'd be happy to share thoughts.

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