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The TikTok plan isn't really about TikTok but it will pass through as they desperately want it to after adding & reworking the 'foreign entity' clauses that are so broad as to be interpreted as anyone they don't agree with get's the heave ho - hello thorn in our side X. See ya later X.

My problem (well one of them) with TikTok is that the music that 'trends' is contingent on the video - you're consuming the music in a forced way over and over as it's the video that's really trending - opportunity meets distribution, and the music is a second thought where luck plays a huge part in the popularity. Video and music are so synergistic, like cigarettes and alcohol, that one can do the heavy lifting for the other and on TikTok it's always the video. Kinda, what you're also saying I guess about quality of music it holds aloft.

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My understanding may be flawed, but I thought I heard that the "ban" on TikTok would only be a ban on new downloads of the app, not a total wipe from existing app users. There's unquestionably a more symbolic fight at stake here, tho'; with both parties very leery of a backlash from voting-age young. In a sense, both parties' ideal outcome would be to have the bill die in the Senate (where 6-year terms make it harder to punish unpopular acts by legislators). It's also possible to have it floating in committee and "reconciliation" (making the bill consistent in its House and Senate versions) for an indefinite time, in hopes that some buyout will make it unnecessary. Chances of such a buyout are...ok; the app seems like a big moneymaker, but the price will be steep. Not many players will be able to assemble a purchase plan; and issues of what will be kept here or in China by the sold app will be thorny and complex.

Looking forward to learning about walletless Web3; and what it's for and how it may be participated in.

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